What is the House Program?

Posted 5 months ago by Jennifer Kopkas - [School: Marketing]

As you know our theme this year is “Together We Can Be the Change”. We have decided to begin a program at Sts. Joseph and John school in order to bring about change, develop a community of respect, as well as increase teamwork and school spirit. On the first day of school students were randomly sorted in houses. The four houses are: Da Vinci House, Jackson House, Hopper House, and Einstein House. Each house is named for a famous contributor in the field of science, math, engineering, or technology.  Students will have the opportunity to earn house points for achievements, academic excellence, acts of kindness, participation, and following the rules. House points can also be taken away for behaviors that break school rules, are unkind, irresponsible or dishonest. House point totals will be shared each Monday during announcements and displayed on bulletin boards in the school halls. Special rewards or privileges will be awarded to house with the most points throughout the year! Have a great day and “Together We Can Be the Change”.

In service of youth,

Joseph M. Akosi, Principal  


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