Prospective Family Open House

Sts. Joseph & John School, A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, would like to invite you to our Prospective Family Spring Open House. Meet our new administration and faculty. Our Student Ambassadors will take you on a guided tour of the school. Experienced parents will be on hand to help answer any of your questions. You’ll also learn more about our brand new Florence Kruczek Viking Visionary Center! Join us Tuesday, April, 2nd 2019 from 6:00-7:00 pm. We are located at 12580 Pearl Road, Strongsville. For more information, please call 440-238-4877. Thank You! Joseph M. Akosi - Principal

Parent Involvement


Every parent is welcomed as part of the Sts. Joseph & John Parent Teacher Union or "PTU." Our PTU provides social activities for parents to get to know one another and to build connections.  The PTU also provides a wide variety of volunteer opportunities so that parents get involved in their children's school.  Finally, through the PTU, parents do fundraising to purchase items to make our school even better. To participate in the PTU, check the PTU calendar for upcoming events.

In-Classroom Volunteers/Field Trip Volunteers


At SJJ, parents with students in Kindergarten and the primary grades are given the opportunity to volunteer in the classroom weekly for classroom "centers."  This is a fun way to be involved in your child's learning.  You can volunteer once or multiple times.  All volunteer helpers must first attend a "Virtus" training program and be "Virtus" certified.  The program only takes a few of hours to become certified.  

Room Parent

Parents are also able to volunteer at the beginning of the year to be your child's class "Room Parent."  Parents are asked to volunteer to be a Room Parent at the school "Meet the Teacher Night."  Parents are randomly chosen to be a "Room Parent."  Parents that have never served as a "Room Parent" are given priority so that every parent has a chance to be a Room Parent. Room Parents plan the classroom holiday parties and volunteer in the classroom.  All Room Parents must likewise be "Virtus Certified" before volunteering.  

Field Trips

Parents are also given the opportunity to chaperone field trips.  Teachers ask for chaperones on the field trip sign up form.  Field trip chaperones must be "Virtus certified".  

Marketing Committee

Parents are also welcome to join the school's Marketing Committee.  The Marketing Committee meets monthly or quarterly in the evenings and plans our newspaper, magazine, and television marketing campaigns as well as our new school website.  The Marketing Committee also markets and plans our school open-house during Catholic Schools Week in January.  If you have any Marketing Experience or it just sounds like fun to you, please contact the leader of our Marketing Committee, Linda Zvoncheck. 

Alumni Committee

SJJ is currently working on creating an alumni group.  If you are interested in helping create our new alumni group, please contact Rachel McQuade at  

School Committee

The Sts. Joseph and John school committee is an advisory committee that assists the Principal and Pastors in ensuring that our children receive a quality Catholic education. The school committee consists of four members from each parish, selected by the Pastors. Committee members serve for a three-year term, with the option for a second three-year term.  The school committee focuses on the following areas: 

·        Finances – ensure sound financials by assisting the school in analyzing revenue/enrollment projections, prioritizing capital improvements, creating annual budgets and setting tuition and fees. 

·        Marketing – promote the school through advertising campaigns, brochures, special events and community outreach. 

·        Development - Implement fund raising, planned gifts and donation programs that maximize funding while making efficient use of parent volunteers. 

·       Operations – analyze and suggest improvements for facilities and infrastructure, operating procedures and personnel policies. 

The school committee may form sub-committees that engage additional parent volunteers to assist with specific initiatives. For example, the marketing sub-committee is working with a number of parents who have skills in sales, marketing and promotion.  It is important to note that the school committee serves in a purely advisory role, and that its recommendations are non-binding.  The Principal and Pastors are the final decision makers on all school matters.  If you have a question or a concern about the Sts. Joseph and John school, please feel free to contact a school committee member: 

Tom Whitely
Mike Moscarino
John Burdorff
April Walsh
Greg Golonka
Roy Dsa
Linda Zvoncheck
Dave Borovicka 

Technology Committee

SJJ has also formed a Technology Committee of volunteer parents to help guide the school in its purchases of new technology.  If you know a lot about technology or have an interest in technology, consider volunteering for the SJJ Technology Committee.