Prospective Family Open House

Sts. Joseph & John School, A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, would like to invite you to our Prospective Family Spring Open House. Meet our new administration and faculty. Our Student Ambassadors will take you on a guided tour of the school. Experienced parents will be on hand to help answer any of your questions. You’ll also learn more about our brand new Florence Kruczek Viking Visionary Center! Join us Tuesday, April, 2nd 2019 from 6:00-7:00 pm. We are located at 12580 Pearl Road, Strongsville. For more information, please call 440-238-4877. Thank You! Joseph M. Akosi - Principal

Fundraising FAQs

Fundraising Fact Sheet

Q.  Why do we Need School Fundraisers?

 A.     Money raised through fundraising is a very important component of Sts. Joseph & John School’s funding.   Sts. Joseph & John School’s mission is to offer a high quality education while keeping its tuition costs low and affordable.  The School’s current full-time, in-parish tuition rate $2,517.00 per year, but the actual cost per pupil to educate the students is around $4,500.00. 

The difference between Sts. Joseph & John School’s low tuition and the school’s actual operating costs per pupil is primarily made up through:

  1. Large subsidies from the parish churches and 
  2. School fundraising. 

Q.  Which Fundraisers are School Fundraisers?

A.   To ease financial burdens on school families, the school has worked hard to reduce school fundraising and to structure fundraisers to raise funds from the outside community.  Currently, the school has only two (2) fundraising activities over the course of the year.

  1. Bingo and
  2. The Spring Raffle.

The funds raised by these two school fundraisers are used entirely to cover the school’s basic operating expenses.

Q.   Who is the SJJ PTU and Why Does the PTU Fundraise?

A.  The Sts. Joseph & John School PTU is not run by the school.  Rather, the PTU is a volunteer, parent-run organization.  The PTU is funded entirely by their own fundraising activities. 

 Why does the PTU raise funds? 

  1. To purchase equipment, supplies, and programs for the school;
  2. To sponsor school social events; and
  3. To provide funding for support and appreciation activities for the teachers, administration, students, and parents.

The PTU serves a very important role in providing funding for programs, equipment, and supplies for the school.  In recent years, for example, money raised by the PTU was used, among many other things, to purchase:

  1. Spanish learning programs for the students,
  2. science equipment,
  3. books for the library,
  4. indoor recess games, and
  5. playground equipment.      

Q.  Which Fundraisers are PTU Fundraisers?

A.  Following fundraisers are PTU’s primary fundraisers:

  1. Enjoy the City or Entertainment Books,
  2. Sally Foster,
  3. Fall Craft Fair, and
  4. PTU Adult Social Event (in the past “Night at the Races” and “Mardi Gras”).

Our Commitment to You

The national average for elementary Catholic School tuition in 2010/2011 was $3,383.00 per year.  (Statistics from National Catholic Education Association – Catholic Schools data).   That amount only paid for 62.2% of the actual cost of the education per pupil.  The average actual cost per pupil of Catholic elementary school education is $5,436. 

Our tuition is almost a $1,000.00 per year less than the national average of elementary school tuition and our actual costs per pupil are almost $1,000 less than the national average.  We recognize that these are difficult economic times.  Sts. Joseph & John School is dedicated to continuing to provide you an academically excellent education while working hard to keep our costs and tuition low and affordable. 

------Sts. Joseph & John School Board & Sts. Joseph & John PTU