Grading Policies

SJJ is a member of the Cleveland Diocesan Schools and ascribes to the Diocesan Graded Course of Study.  All supplemental programs used to enhance the curriculum at the different grade levels support the Graded Courses of Study.

Academic Standards

Sts. Joseph & John School adheres to the grading scale of the Diocese of Cleveland. Grades Kindergarten and Grade 1 will receive O-S-U or N. Grades 2nd through 8th will be graded as follows:

Grading Scale
A+ 100-98 C+ 84-82
A 97-95 C 81-79
A- 94-93 C- 78-77
B+ 92-90 D+ 76-75
B 89-87 D 74-72
B- 86-85 D- 71-70
    F Below 70


An incomplete may be given on a report card in any subject at the discretion of a teacher.  This incomplete must be converted to a standard grade within the next grading period.  

Honor Roll

Academic Honors are given in grades 7-8.  The following constitutes the criteria necessary to place a student on honor roll:

First Honors - All A's
Second Honors - A's and no more than 2 B's
Third Honors - A's and B's, no C's or lower
Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer, Physical Education, and Spanish are included to calculate the honor roll.  All effort and conduct evaluations must be at least an "S".  Honor roll is announced by the Principal quarterly on the morning announcements.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention awards may be given for noteworthy achievement or effort as long as the student has no D's or F's.  

Progress Reports

Interim reports - will be sent out during week 5 of any quarter when a student's grade is D or F.
Report cards - Parents should be checking RedWeb weekly to view their student's grades. Any concerns or discrepancies about your student's grades must be addressed with the teacher then the Vice Principal. Report cards can be viewed through out the quarter and only a FINAL report card will be sent home at the end of each academic year. Report cards will not be sent out quarterly.  
RenWeb - student's weekly progress may be monitored by parents through RenWeb.  The school computer teacher sends home private codes for each family to register and access RenWeb. It is updated by classroom teachers on a regular basis to post grades, homework and long-term assignments.
Notices of Concern - may be sent home when a student is significantly falling behind in a given area.
Teacher Conferences

Teacher conferences are held midway through the first and third quarters.  In addition, a parent or teacher may request a conference if either feels there is such a need.  To request a teacher conference, you may send a note directly to the teacher or you may call the school for an appointment.  If you leave your name and phone number, the teacher will return your call at the first convenient time.  Please do not call any teacher at home.  The teachers are all members of families and must have time for those responsibilities in the evening.

Student Retention

When necessary, a student can be retained in the present grade.  This will be done in consultation with the students' parents.