Virtus Program

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The Virtus program, “Protecting God’s Children”, is a national program that has been adopted by the Diocese of Cleveland to further educate those who work with children in the schools of the diocese.  This program is provided to secure the safety of our children.

Any parent volunteer at Sts. Joseph and John School who would like to work with children in the classrooms, chaperone field trips, or coach a sport must be Virtus certified.

The Virtus program has four components:

1.         Register on-line at for a three hour Virtus workshop. At the workshop you will view videos and discuss abuse situations that may take place with children. 

2.         Sign Policy Verification From:

                        Log on to
                        Go to A-Z.
                        Go to “Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of
Sexual Abuse revised 2007.”
                        Read the policy.
                        Print out the last page.
                        Sign it and return it to the school office.

3.         Complete a background check with the Bureau of Identification and Investigation.

At:       Sts. Joseph and John School - by appointment only 440-238-4959 or Corporate Screening.  (16530 Commerce Court, 440-816-0500 (off of Sprague Road by Pearl Road)  (There is a $22.00 fee for this service and you must have your drivers’ license with you.)

If you have been an Ohio resident for less than 5 years, you also will need to have your fingerprints sent to the FBI (only at Corporate Screening, additional fee).           

4.         Read updates that will be provided for you and sent to your e-mail address. After you have completed at least 24 readings, print off your Virtus Compliance Report.
                        Log on to
                        Go to “My Training”.
                        Go to “Compliance Report”.
                        Print the report and return it to the school office.