Per Governor DeWine’s mandatory directive, SJJ will be closed beginning Monday, March 16th

Per Governor Mike DeWine’s mandatory directive, Sts. Joseph & John School will be closed beginning Monday, March 16th. SJJ will remain closed through April 20th. We will continue to re-evaluate this situation as it develops.

2018-19 PTU Chairs/Committees

PTU Chairs/Committees 

We are proud that our parents are very involved in the PTU!  We have nearly 27 Executive Committee Members and Committee Chairs in the SJJ PTU as well as countless other volunteers helping each committee.  


A.  Executive Board

Presidents - Julie Burdorff; Donata Kravec  

Vice Presidents - Cindy Padavick; Natalie Pratt  

Treasurer - Dawn Krencisz  

Secretary - Erin Witte   


B.  Service Committees

1st Communion Reception: CHAIRS - Mary Garritano; Alecia Crawford; Lori Giguere; Tiffany Koziol 

8th Grade Graduation: CHAIRS - Erin Witte; Karen Devine

Hospitality: CHAIRS - Jaclyn Borman; Mary Pokorny; Tammy Sobek 

PTU Newsletter: CHAIR - Jennifer Kopkas 

Santa Shop: CHAIRS - Meghan Ruggiero; Kristen Gilbert 

Facebook: CHAIR - Julie Burdorff

Student Appreciation: CHAIRS - Michelle Killian-Keith; Steph Panteck

Sunshine & Flowers: CHAIR - Tammy Sobek 


C. Social Committees

Book Fair: CHAIR - 

Father/Daughter Dance: CHAIRS - Debra Armstrong-Krupla

Father/Son Event: CHAIR - Pietro Trunzio 

Ice Cream Social: CHAIRS - Beth Reagan; Liz Armstrong; Allison Benedict 

Mother/Daughter Event: CHAIR - Andrea Catanzarite  

Mother/Son Event: CHAIRS - Linda Singleton

Lil Vikings Preschool Liaison/Preschool Social: CHAIR - Jennifer Kopkas


D.  Fundraising Committees

Box Tops: CHAIR - Lynda Mangan

Craft Fair: CHAIR - Kevin Krensisz 

GE/GFS/Heinens/Target Rewards: CHAIR - Katy Ridel

KidStuff Coupon Book: CHAIR - Sarah Kohut 

Malley's Sale: CHAIR - Debbie Harris

Night at the Races: CHAIRS - Kerry Woloszynek; Donata Kravec 

Restaurant Night: CHAIR - Karen Guiher

Spirit Wear: CHAIR - Kathy Feiler